Gite holidays in France and a recipe for Brie

It is official. Jackie and Terry are in Champagne et Fontaine installing their worldly goods in their new home at Domaine du Sourire.


That is another story for another blog, so don’t be a stranger if you want to hear about the move, it is so exciting and funny and it’s not over yet!



While they are basking in the sun I thought you might enjoy a quick and tasty recipe – Deep Fried Brie with Cumberland Sauce – which you can enjoy at home or even when you are on holiday at Domaine Du Sourire.
Photo cred Tony O’Reilly: O’Reilly’s Recipes
It is that easy and you’ll love it even more if I tell you it can done and served in less than 20 mins.


 It’s awesome having a professional chef and presenter in the family, it means access to some lovely recipes. Thank you to Tony O’Reilly, Ireland for this recipe.
Enjoy, and look forward to your holiday and if you haven’t booked already don’t worry I think there are still a couple of spots left. Tuck in to this delicious appetizer or have it as a light lunch then get booking your gite at Domaine du Sourire.